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Phones & Pricing

Save $75 when you book any 3-hour photo booth package or include it with our Dream Wedding Packages.

What's Included With Your Audio Guest Book Rental

  • A physical phone will be delivered and set up at your event.

  • A virtual phone number for guests to call from anywhere.

  • ​Table sign and decoration accessories.

  • Free Gift: A mini speaker that plays all your memories

  • Pick up of the phone after the event. You never have to ship anything!

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Phone Booth & Audio Guestbook

From $549

Your choice of Audio Guestbook in this beautiful life size phone booth

Antique Pay Phone

Antique Pay Phone

From $399

Beautiful and classic, this antique model phone will add charm to your event.

Antique mahogony audio guestbook

Antique Mahogany

From $299

Beautiful and classic, this antique model phone will add charm to your event.

Antique whiteaudio guestbook

Antique White

From $299

Beautiful and classic, this antique model phone will add charm to your event.

Antique gold audio guestbook

Antique Gold

From $299

Beautiful and classic, this antique model phone will add charm to your event.

Vintage black audio guestbook


From $299

Like that little black dress our Vintage phone never goes out of style

Retro red audio guestbook

Retro Red

From $275

Retro Red really stands out in the crowd!

Retro white audio guestbook

Retro White

From $275

Retro White is classic and chic!

Pink Audio Gustbook

Retro Pink

From $275

Retro Pink flourishig with charm and romance!

Blue Audio Guestbook

Retro Blue

From $275

Retro Blue a cute little pop of colour!

Yellow Audio Guestbook

Retro Yellow

From $275

Retro Yellow will brighten up and party!

Beige Audio Guestbook

Retro Beige

From $275

Retro Beige taking you back in time!

* to recieve savings Photo Booth must start within 2 hours of audio guestbook time. Promotion excludes LITe Booth.

Free Gift:

Receive a mini speaker that plays back all your memories anytime you want. A special gift from us when your purchase any Audio Guestbook package.

Accessories Included:

Your rental includes the use of accessories such as vases, signs and antique tables to make your Audio Guestbook stand out. Accessories are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis so book your Audio Guestbook Package today!

Mini radio

How Does An Audio Guestbook Work?

An Audio Guestbook is a new way to capture memories in a way paper and pen will never be able to. It will preserve the sound of your guest's voices and allow you to listen to your memories for a lifetime. 

When your guest lifts the receiver, they will hear a pre-recorded message. They will then be able to leave their love and well wishes after the beep. Lit also includes a free virtual number that can be shared with guests who cannot attend the event or for guests who prefer to use their cell phones to leave their messages.


After the event, you will receive an audio file with all the recordings to keep and capture your memories forever.

Plus, with our extra free-to-use accessories, you can customize your guestbook to match the event. We also provide a free gift with each audio guestbook rental and even more savings when renting a photo booth.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Audio Guestbook can bring your event to life.

Frequently Asked Questions
Audio Guestbooks

What is an Audio Guestbook?

An audio guestbook replaces the dull traditional paper and pen guestbook. Instead, we bring your messages and well wishes to life by recording your guest's voices through our beautifully modified retro phone systems.


How much does an audio guestbook cost?

Most companies ship your phone back and forth across the country or from the USA, which can get expensive. At Lit Photo Booth, we keep costs down by only serving Metro Vancouver and parts of the Fraser Valley. Our guestbook rental starts at $199 and is one of the lowest prices on the market. 


Why is Lit Photo Booths Audio Guestbook better than the rest?

With our already low prices, we include accessories to enhance your wedding decor, delivery, set up, and pick up. We even provide a free gift after your celebration.


How many messages can an audio guestbook record?

We can record up to 5 hours of audio or over 1000 messages. More than enough for any event. 


How will I receive my messages?

We will provide you with the raw files online and provide a free gift of a mini speaker for you to listen to all your messages.


How do accessories work?

Accessories are first-come, first-serve. Whoever books first gets them. We include up to four free-to-use per event.


Do I need a power outlet?

Nope, Our Audio guestbook runs off the battery and last at least 5 hours.


Do I need a wifi connection?

Nope, All your messages are stored inside a curated system on each device.


What form of payment do you accept?

To keep costs low, we only accept cash or transfer at this time. If you must pay by credit card, there are additional fees.


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