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LIT 360
You Spin Me Right Round

The LIT 360 is a new experience your guests will love. Bring memories to life and blow up social media with the LIT 360. Your guests pose on the platform as the camera spins around them. We then add special effects to create insta-worthy memories.

Included Features

Unlimited spins Your guests can create as many memories as they wisk

Share instantly with our advanced sharing technology.


Customized template with logo or phrasing along the bottom


Qualitystudio lighting for beautiful, flattering videos


Go Pro Camera to create even clear videos. No shaky, grainy phone videos here.


Friendly & fun host to interact with guests. 5 star service leading up to your event.

whit glo_edited.png

Set up to start and take down at the end.

set up.png

Speaker, LED lights,  and more...


Add On's

LITtle Roverr to roam your party and take photos.

$179 extra per/hr

LITtle-Rover-Outline-white-back-name (1)_edited.jpg

Inactive hours when you need your guests to take a break

$75 per/hr

more time2_edited.png

For private parties, ask us how to save $80 or more off your next booking with the LIT 360.

2 Hours $799 + GST

3 Hours $1099 + GST

 Additional Hours $189 + GST

*Minimum 3-hour booking on Saturday Nights


LIT 360 white back_edited.jpg
enclosure white back_edited.jpg

360 enclosure

$189 per booking

vintage phone.png

Audio Guestbook

Save $75 when you rent a 3 hr or more photo booth

Add LIT 360 Enclosure
Green Screen, Modern Black or a Custom Set

enclosure white back_edited.png

Check Availibilty

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