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Luxe Mirror Booth

Tall, sleek and beautiful. The supermodel of photo booths. This 8ft tall booth is the only one in Canada.

The LUXE TOWER Mirror Photo Booth stands over seven and a half feet tall and is three and a half feet wide. The giant mirror booth is the largest and most stunning in Vancouver. Guests walk up to a towering touchscreen mirror with all the technology tucked behind the glass. This unique and interactive experience will add class and style to your event. (The LUXE Tower Mirror Booth is so BIG it sometimes has issues with elevators. If an elevator is involved, we will require measurements beforehand. This booth is very heavy and cannot be carried upstairs.)

Included Features

Instant & unlimited prints - everyone in the photo receives a copy in seconds

Unlimited prints icon

Share instantly via text/ email or from our website

sharing icon

Customized photo template with hundreds of ideas to choose from

template icon

3X more props means more fun & more laughs- over 100 costume-quality props

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More Backdrops- Over 70 backdrops to choose from

backdrop icon

Quality studio lighting for beautiful, flattering photos

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DSLR Camera - Highest quality photos that you can share over and over

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Friendly & fun host to interact with guests. 5 star service leading up to your event.

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Set up to start and take down at the end.

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Built in speaker, LED lights, Stage for the little ones, and more...

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Add On's

Black & white portrait glamour booth "Kardashian style"

$199 extra per/hr

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Inactive hours when you need your guests to take a break

$75 per/hr

idle time icon

Upgrade from 4x6 to larger 5x7 prints

$100 extra per/hr

5x7 template icon

LITtle Roverr to roam your party and take photos.

$189 extra per/hr

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For private parties, ask us how to save $100 or more off your next booking with the Luxe Mirror Booth.

3 Hours $2999 + GST

 Additional Hours $399 + GST

*Additional +3% to pay by credit card


Luxe tower mirror photo booth
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Audio Guestbook

Save $75 when you rent a 3 hr or more photo booth

  • Why are your prices so low?
    You get even more quality with Lit than our pricier competitors, even though we have invested in technology, equipment and services to become the BEST Vancouver has to offer. How do we do it? We keep our business small and focused. We have no additional staff to pay and we only take on one to two events per night. This provides you the quality and focus you deserve. Since we have less overhead we pass these savings on to you. If you must pay by credit card there are additional fees but to keep prices low using another form of payment is best.
  • How much space do I need to set up a Photo Booth
    For all booths except 360 and LITtle Rover 10 feet by 10 feet is the perfect amount of space and more is always welcomed. In cases where you do not have as much space we can work with smaller and have many times. Just let us know in advance if you are tight on space. 360 Booth: 12x12 is needed with additional room for a 6 ft props table LITtle Rover Roams your party, He is about 2 ft by 2 ft. Just make sure he has some room to drive around.
  • What do I need to provide for the set up?
    A flat area for the photobooth to be set up. A dedicated 3 prong wall outlet with power (110V, 10amps). within 20 feet of booth the closer the better. Parking for unloading/loading near the venue and during event set up/ take down. Wi-Fi - we use Wi-Fi for text/email sharing and uploading photos to your album real time. If Wi-Fi is not available these features will still work after the event when we connect to the internet in our studio.
  • How much is the deposit required?
    We do not require any deposit. We simply ask that if something comes up where you need to cancel your event you let us know as soon as possible so we can re-open the date for others to book.
  • Can Photo Booths Booth be set up outdoors?
    Yes, most can! Ideally in a flat covered area safe from the elements. If this is not possible, we do have a pop-up tent we can supply. If wind or rain is intense it may cause the booth to be disrupted to protect equipment and guests. In these cases, the booth active time may be cut or not extended. Price will not be discounted. The Mirror booths can only be set up under dark skies. If any natural light remains (even under a tent) you will not be able to see the screen.
  • How long does the Lit Party Booth take to set up and tear down.
    The booth generally takes about 30 minutes to set up. Depending on complexity of set-up we may arrive up to one hour earlier for set up. Take down usually takes 30 minutes. This time is already included in your package outside operational hours. If you need your booth set up earlier, you can purchase additional idle time at $75 per hour.
  • What makes Lit Photo Booth better than everyone else?
    We like to offer you everything you need to host a premium photo booth at your party for a very reasonable cost. The add-on's we offer are unique to meet the needs of niche clients who want to make their event extra special. We offer: - More Backdrops with over 70 to choose from - More Props with over 100 costume quality props per event. We get compliments nonstop about how amazing our props experience is. - More Prints - Unlimited prints! everyone in the photo gets a print. (We reserve the right to limit prints when needed). - Custom designed template - We customize your template to your liking. - Every booth comes with a fun and friendly attendant to ensure your guests have the best experience and you do not need to worry about the photo booth - Each of our booths is unique and does not look like your cookie cutter photo booth. We do this so they stand out at your party and enhance your special day We are reliable, provide the best service and value for your event.
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