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Reflecting Memories: How Does a Mirror Photo Booth Work? & How Much Does A Mirror Photo Booth Cost?

Every event strives to be unforgettable in Metro Vancouver's bustling party landscape. A simple and classic item in the photo booth rental market has taken center stage: the mirror photo booth. As parties and technology evolve, so do how consumers capture their special moments. If you're considering adding an extra dash of elegance and splendour to your next event, Imagine a mirror photo booth replacing the traditional one.

What is a Mirror Photo Booth?

Traditional photo booths have always added so much fun to any event, from a Birthday Party to Weddings, and still are the right choice for your average event. The mirror photo booth takes it to the next level, adding sophistication and beauty to your special day. Also known as the magic mirror photo booth or selfie mirror photo booth, they typically come in 3 styles: 

The classic is framed in gold. It is beautiful and elegant and is the most popular choice in mirror booths.

Classic Style Mirror Photo Booth

The modern tall, frameless and sleek. Ready for a fancy corporate party.

Modern Style Mirror Photo Booth

The leaning is a portable style that leans back on a frame for support. It resembles a full-body-length mirror you may see in your home. 

Leaning Style Mirror Photo Booth

All styles operate similarly; they feature a two-way interactive touchscreen mirror with a screen and camera tucked behind it, making it a magical experience. The flash is usually built into the top of the tower booths, or a beauty dish sits atop the classic editions.

How Does it Work?

It works like your traditional photo booth in most ways:

  • You touch the vibrant welcome screen to start. 

  • A countdown displays and snaps your photo.

  • You are offered a preview and can choose to keep or retake

  • This happens one to four times, and your photo is then instantly printed on a template

  • Guests are offered the ability to share their photos via text or email

One difference from your typical photo booth is that the mirror shares compliments on the screen with guests between photos to enhance the fun. Most photo booths have a "live view" where you can see yourself on the screen when posing; in this booth, you use the mirror.

The mirror photo booth offers some features we do not recommend, such as virtual props, games like tic-tac-toe between photo sessions, or weird-looking filters. Every time we have tried these, they cause long lineups at the booth, and guests don't like them. We strongly advise against them as they tend to make the experience tacky and frustrating, which reverses what you try to achieve by hiring a mirror booth.

A few notes: Typically, a host will stay with the mirror booth to greet guests and show them how to use the features. Some experiences will not include a backdrop. Your mirror booth is better with a backdrop; hire a company that includes one. It is essential to achieve beautiful photos. The backs of a mirror booth are often black and metal. Look for a company that has enhanced the back with decor or added a slideshow with a gold frame, as Lit Photo Booth has done.

Happy with their keepsake from the mirror photo booth

Why Choose a Mirror Photo Booth?

The mirror photo booth isn't just about taking pictures; it's about creating unforgettable experiences. Its unique look and magical interface will wow your guests. Most people have seen a typical photo booth but are WOWed when they see a mirror photo booth. You need to think of the design and look you want for your party. The mirror booth fits in various decor styles, from elegant, fancy weddings to kids' carnival-themed parties.

In a digital age where memories often remain confined to screens, the tangible nature of printed photos adds a nostalgic touch to any occasion. Guests can walk away with physical mementos that serve as cherished reminders of the festivities. You will often see guests with their memories posted on a fridge, framed or pinned to a board for years to come.

Some things to watch out for when hiring a mirror photo booth

  • The mirrored screen cannot be seen outdoors in sunlight during the day.

  • Avoid tacky games, virtual props and weird filters. Your guests will thank you later.

  • The backs of photo booths are often black metal. Look for one with decor added, such as a slideshow, fabric, flowers, etc.

  • Always hire a company that includes a backdrop.

  • Always hire a company that offers unlimited prints so everyone in the photo gets a copy.

  • Avoid the red carpet and gold stanchions. They may look okay in photos but are often cheap-looking in person and detract from the true elegance you are trying to add. Instead, ask for the backdrop and enhanced decor on the back of the booth.

  • Because the camera is behind the glass, some people need help knowing where to look. Higher-end experiences will fix this with a light ring that appears on the screen to show guests where to look just before the photo is taken. This is a must when hiring a mirror booth.

LED Light appears before photo to guide users where to look

How much does it cost?

In the Metro Vancouver market, you will find all styles of mirror photo booths. The most popular is the gold-framed classic style. Cost is a tricky subject, and you must ask questions to compare apples to apples. Some companies start at $550 for the first 2 hours and $ 150 per additional hours. These companies typically have a lot of ad-ons afterward, such as backdrops or unlimited prints that quickly boost that low price. Your typical all-in price with everything you need, including all the enhancements above, should start around $800 for the first 2 hours and about $170 per additional hour.

The mirror photo booth stands out as a beacon of innovation and entertainment in the dynamic landscape of Metro Vancouver's event scene. By offering a seamless blend of technology and fun, it has revolutionized how consumers capture and commemorate their special moments. From weddings and corporate events to birthday parties and beyond, the mirror photo booth continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

So, if you're ready to elevate your next event and create memories that shine, consider incorporating a mirror photo booth into your plans. With its irresistible charm and endless possibilities, it's sure to be a hit among guests and leave them saying, "Say cheese!"

Check out Lit Photo Booths' Classic Mirror Photo Booth, Modern Mirror Photo Booth, or Dream Wedding Package, which includes the classic mirror photo booth.

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