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How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

When you start searching to rent a photo booth, it can be a bit confusing as some sites list prices, and some will not. You may have to message certain companies and wait for quotes.
In the Metro Vancouver area and Fraser Valley, it is typical to pay a range from $400 to $1200 for the first 2 hours and $150 to $375 per additional hour based on the quality and features you are looking for. Some stand-out booths, such as a 360 video booth or mirror booth, tend to be in the higher price range. Continue reading below to learn more.

Renting a photo booth - You get what you pay for!

You have searched for a "photo booth near me." A dizzying number of websites, ads and locations fill Google's top search page. As you sift through, you see different options, different quality, different photo booths, best of lists, and most importantly, prices or lack thereof. These companies want to get your contact details first to make the pitch!


Learn about the facts before you decide on the quality you want.

Getting into the photo booth business can be relatively cheap. Anyone with an iPad, some cheap software and a stand can create a digital photo booth. The camera and software from these low-cost setups often create grainy photos with poor lighting and lacklustre results. You can find these booths anywhere from $150 to $200 per hour.

For your special day, look for a photo booth company that has invested in their practice, knows what they are doing and that you can trust.

Party Props

Top 10 things to look for in a quality photo booth rental company:

  1. Website - Is the website well designed? (if a company cannot build a nice website, how can they create your photo template). Does it provide all the information you need? Are they hiding anything?

  2. Camera - What type of camera does the company use? For the best quality photos, a DSLR is a MUST! If they use an iPad camera, you can expect low-quality images.

  3. Lighting - A small ring light or a single built-in flash is often not enough to create beautiful clear photos. You should look for large beauty dishes, umbrellas or built-in dual flash to spread the light evenly and create beautiful and fun memories.

  4. Extras - Make sure everything is included in the price. Some companies entice you with a lower price and charge you for props, backdrops, unlimited prints, text/email sharing of photos, copies of your photos after the event or template design. Make sure it is all included in the price up front!

  5. Backdrops - Has the company invested in a large selection of backdrops so you will have one you love to go with your template.

  6. Templates - Templates are the output of the photo booth, either digitally or printed. You can typically choose these in a strip with 3 to 4 poses vertically or on a 4x6 size photo with 3 to 4 poses and includes a custom phrase of your choosing. Make sure your provider offers customized photo templates with a large selection of examples to choose from.

  7. Props - What kind of props are included? Is it a bunch of crinkled signs? Just a few hats? Look for a wide variety of costume-quality props.

  8. Photo Booth Selection - Has the company invested in the best technology to make your event stand out? There are several different types of booths, such as the standard open-air booth, enclosed booths, mirror booths, and 360 video booths.

  9. Staff - Are they responsive to your questions, text messages, and emails before the event?

  10. Copy of photos - Is there a free digital copy of all your photos after the event?

Now that you know what to look for, here is what you should pay:

Photo booth using a webcam or Low quality camera (2 hours): $300

Open-air photo booth (2 hours): Low quality $400 to Best quality $800

Enclosed photo booth (2 hours): Low quality $550 to Best quality $899

Mirror Booth (2 hours): Low Quality $500 to Best quality $ 1200

360 Video Booths (2 hours): Low quality $600 to Best quality $850

Every vendor and every customer is different. Choose the vendor you trust to make your day special. Some people are okay with a lower-quality vendor, and some believe in capturing their special day in the best light. There are several companies to serve all of your personal needs in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. Now that you are educated, happy searching!

The Lit Photo Booth Advantage

At Lit Photo Booth we always ensure we you get the best quality experience and best selection of, backdrops, props and templates. We include it all in one affordable cost! We do everything so you don't have too.

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