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Amazing Photo Booth Rental in Surrey, BC

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Amazing Photo Booth Services To Enhance Any Event

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Professional cameras and studio lighting make for picture perfect beautiful photos.

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With unlimited instant prints, included online digital album your guests will leave with a keepsake and lasting memories.

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Share instantly by email, text or visit our online album. Photos upload to the website within seconds.

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We customize your experience, bring quality props and create an amazing experience for your guests.

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Visit our Home Page or continue reading for everything you need to know about a photo booth rental before you booth:

It's time to get the party started in Surrey, BC; with one of LIT's six photo booth rentals, your guests will indeed have a blast. Our photo booths draw a crowd no matter the size of your event. LIT offers six different experiences for you to choose from depending on your budget and event decoration. We have the expertise to fit any party in any venue. So Call us today, and we will help make the experience of renting a photo booth memorable and easy.

Top 10 reasons to rent a photo booth from LIT? 

  1. We cover Richmond to Chilliwack and beyond, LIT services all of Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley

  2. We offer truly unlimited prints. This means not just one or two prints. It means everyone in the photo that wants one gets one!

  3. Guests can text or email their photos on the spot with all of our booths.

  4. You always get an online album included after the event with all your photos in it. Your guests love to follow up after the event to download and share their favourites.

  5. We have more backdrops than anyone else, with over 50 to choose from.

  6. We have professional cameras with studio-quality lighting for clear and beautiful photos

  7. Our props are costume quality. No crumpled paper signs here!

  8. LIT custom designs your template. We have hundreds to choose from and are constantly adding more

  9. We host all our own events in Surrey! No hired staff here; you always get one of the two photo booth owners and professionals who know how to attract your guests and bring fun to any event.

  10. We have unique photo booths the others cannot offer like the Luxe Tower Mirror Photo Booth standing 8 feet tall it is the only one in Canada and will WOW your guests, the LITtle Rover Roaming Photo Booth that drives around your party taking the photo booth to your guests, our LITtle Mirror Photo Booth a smaller classic mirror for any party, LITe booth for those on a budget and our most popular booth the LIT party booth custom designed by us to bring maximum fun! LIT's newest addition is our 360 photo booth, and it is all the rage from Hollywood parties to Surrey, BC. Your guests stand in the middle as the camera spins around them, creating Instagram-worthy posts. 


Steps to rent a photo booth (don't worry, we make it easy):

  • Reach out to ensure your date and time are available.

  • Choose your photo booth experience.

  • Choose your customizable template.

  • Choose your backdrop

  • On the day of the event make sure LIT has parking, an approximate 10' x 10' space, a standard power outlet and WIFI. We do all the rest!

Explore our six custom experiences:

To make things easy, we have all-inclusive packages for all the standard features you want. Some other companies in Surrey like to quote a low price upfront but then charge extra for truly unlimited prints, backdrops or props. We include it all in our prices, and our add-ons are for upgrades like larger prints, paper flower walls or the LITtle Rover Photo Booth.

Our most popular print photo booth rentals in Surrey, BC. Our print booths are all-inclusive and include the following:

Truly Unlimited Prints:

We include truly unlimited prints in this package, with no extra fees or cost. This means everyone in the photo who wants a print can get one to take home and cherish.


Your guests can text or email their photos minutes after taking them, so they have a digital copy to share. We also include a free online album after the event with all your photo in the template and individually in case one of your guests would like to download and frame a separate memory.


We include hundreds of photo booth templates to choose from, and we will customize any one of them for your event. If you can't find one you like, send us some images, and we will custom-design one.


LIT Photo Booth offers more backdrops than anyone else by a lot. We have over 50 to choose from in every colour and style you can imagine.


All of our props are costume quality. We bring over 100 to every event. Our fantastic selection often wows guests. Lots of props make the photo booth lots of fun!


Fun and professional photo booth attendants:

We host all of our events. You will always have one of the owners at your event as a photo booth expert. We know how to create fun and help your guests get the most out of their photo booth experience.

Photo Booth Rentals in Surrey with Prints:

LIT Party Booth Rental Experience:

This booth is designed to bring fun to almost any event and create an amazing experience for your guests. This booth is designed with a neutral marble finish, so it fits any decor. Everything sits inside the booth as it lights up and dances to the music. It features a DSLR Canon camera for beautiful photos every time. Our customers often comment on how beautiful the photos turn out. This is also due to our amazing studio lighting that includes everything you need, with a ring light and two flashes for perfectly amazing photos that are better than any other photo booth can offer. The LIT Party Booth was designed with a large screen in the front and slideshow on the back so guests can see their photos and many others on the back. The slide show really brings joy as people watch their friends photos slide by. Just as its name suggests, the LIT party booth lights up and dances to the music at your party. You can choose a solid colour or, have the lights dance to the music. The LIT party booth has a speaker built into the bottom. If we are away from the music, we play our own, which makes the photo booth so much fun! We designed this booth ourselves to be the perfect all-rounded photo booth at a reasonable price.

LITtle Mirror Photo Booth Rental Experience:

The LITtle Mirror Photo Booth offers a touch of traditional class to your event. From the outside, it looks like a  classic mirror with a large and beautiful gold frame surrounding it. But watch out because when the mirror comes alive, the magic starts and it powers up to be an experience of a lifetime. The mirror is a touchscreen and becomes an interactive interface, once your guests realize a photo booth sits behind it they are always amazed, We only offer the best with a Canon camera to the prints that will last more than 100 years. The fun starts with LED lights surrounding the inside of the frame, and the whole thing sparkles. The mirror features a beauty dish on top for professional lighting clear and beautiful photos every time. This is a very special booth for those very special moments.

LUXE Tower Mirror Photo Booth Experience:

This is the ultimate Mirror Photo Booth Experience and is the only one of its size in the whole country. The mirror is eight feet tall and almost four feet wide, this amazing booth features a modern and classy look and really impresses anyone who sees it. The booth sits tall and proud and will stand out at your special event. All the technology is tucked behind a tall thin mirror, and even the professional studio lighting with two built-in flashes on top is all hidden. Two continuous lights are set up beside to form the most beautiful lighting for photos. There is nothing else like this booth it is striking with a touch of elegance and class. Note: This Mirror booth is very large and very heavy. It cannot be brought upstairs and requires an elevator that will fit it on its side that is 8 feet by 6 feet unless your event is not on the main floor. Please also ensure the venue ceiling is 9' tall.

Digital Photo Booth Rentals in Surrey:

LIT 360 Photo Booth Experience:

Surrey, BC, are you ready for the newest and hottest photo booth trend? LIT brings you the best 360 photo booth experience in town. Your guests stand on an LED platform that lights up as the camera spins around them to create an Instagram-worthy post. The 360 booth instantly shares your clips. We offer professional studio video lighting with a ring light on the spinner and six video tube lights surrounding the booth. You get the best lighting from all angles and flawless beautiful videos.

LIT Party Photo Booth Rental
Magic Mirror Photo Booth Rental
Tower mirror photo booth rental

LITtle Rover Roaming Photo Booth Experience:

The LITtle Rover is a cute little robot that roams your party, bringing the photo booth to your guests. He has a cute little face to attract people over. After their photo, they can text or email a copy to their phone. This is the only photo booth like this in British Columbia. Secretly there is a human driver off to the side for safety purposes, but nobody notices. Depending on event timing LITtle Rover may have to stop for a quick 20-minute charge.


LITe Photo Booth Experience:

If you are tight on budget, you may want to look at this booth. It is bare bones digital photo booth and backdrop. No prints just text or emails of photos with an online album after your event.

Photo Booth Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a photo booth rental in Surrey, BC, cost?

You can find many low-quality photo booths out there but remember you get what you pay for, and a cheap photo booth with bad props and one print per person can ruin your special event. At LIT, we put together all-inclusive packages. We provide prints to everyone in the photo and bring over 100 awesome props. Our rates start at $550 for two hours when you pay with cash (we pass the credit card fee savings on to you).

How can I pay?

We accept cash or all major credit cards. Just pay on the day of your event. When you pay with cash, we pass the savings of the credit card fees back to you, which can mean significant savings.

How much of a deposit will I need?

At this time, we do not require a deposit. We will secure your date on your word alone. Not collecting a deposit builds trust between the clients we agree to move forward with. We ask if you need to move, cancel, or change your event. You let us know as soon as possible.

How much space will you need? Is there anything else you need?

Most of our photo booth rentals require approximately a 10x10 space, with the 360 photo booth rental requiring a 15'x15' space. The more room you can provide, the better your setup will be. We also need to be within 20 feet of a power outlet, with suitable parking and WIFI if available.

What is the minimum rental time for a photo booth?

All of our booths start with a minimum two-hour rental time except the 360 photo booth and the Luxe Tower Mirror Photo booth; both require a minimum three-hour rental time due to their intensive setup. Due to demand, all booths require a minimum three-hour booking time on Saturday nights.

How long should I book a photo booth for?

Depending on the size of your party, we suggest 2 to 3 hours for parties with less than 100 people and 3 to 4 hours for parties with up to 200 people. We always recommend booking the photo booth a bit later, so people have time to arrive, have a few drinks and get settled in first. When people see us arrive and start to set up, they get excited.


We have small children at the event. Will they be in the photos?

We recommend renting the LUXE Tower Mirror Photo booth, which takes vertical photos ankles to head or the LIT Party Photo Booth. We turn our props box into a stage young or old can stand on for a unique photo experience.

What size are your photo prints?

Prints included with our packages are 4x6 or 2x6 photo strips. Ask us how to upgrade to bigger 5x7 prints.

How long is set up and take down?

We arrive about an hour early to set up and plan for about an hour for tear down; not to worry, this time is included in our price already and will not impact your operational hours

Can I include a custom logo or photo on the template?

Yes, you can. Select a template and send us a high-quality image. We will do our best to integrate it into your template.

Which events in Surrey can have a photo booth?

We can set up our booths at any event you imagine. It can be hosted in a venue, amenity room or even your home. We have done Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate events, trade shows, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, quinceaneras, baptisms, gender reveal parties, family reunions and more.

How does my online album work?

We include all your photos from the night in an online album after your event. The album will stay up forever as long as we are in business, but you can download all your photos to your computer as a backup. You can also choose to password-protect your album if you wish. The best part is your guests can visit anytime and re-live all the fun from the night anytime they want.

How can we review your service?

We LOVE google reviews, yelp, bark or wherever else you like. A great review helps our small business stand out from the rest. We thank you in advance for your kind words and the time you take to do a review.

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